Welcome to MSP Toy Design! Below you will find course information and the schedule. Additional information and student work can be found within the links at the top of the page.

Course Description

This exciting new camp offers young toy designers the opportunity to draw, sculpt, digitally model, and prototype their own action figure. Campers will first develop a character by creating a series of traditional illustrations and models, and then they will draw the toy version of the character at scale using drafting conventions and equipment. Afterwards, using 3D-modeling software, students will produce a 3D model of their toy, its accessories, and its packaging. A plastic prototype of each camper’s character will be produced using model-making technology at SAIC’s Advanced Output Center.


WEEK 1 : Creating virtual objects with 3D software

Session 1: Intro to Toy Design and 3D Modeling course
Introduction to toy history, categories, patterns, and function.
Character design workshop and techniques
Visit Art Institute of Chicago for reference and inspiration
Brainstorming with hand drawing sketch

Session 2: Sculpting and 3D Modeling basics
Introducing Autodesk Maya – interface and primitive block outs
Polygonal modeling tutorial – modeling a shoe.
Sculpting workshop and finalizing character design.

Session 3: 3D Printing and visit to the io Lab
Overview of 3D Printing
Tour of io Lab
Start blocking out character in Maya

Session 4: Character modeling workshop
Create the polygonal toy model in class

Session 5: Cleaning up models and exporting
Prepare models for 3D Printing
Presentation and sharing projects

WEEK 2 : Polishing and Presenting your object

Session 6: Introduction to package design and toy presentation
Concept and brainstorm packaging ideas

Session 7: Creating an environment for your character
Environmental modeling workshop

Session 8: Texture 3D objects in Maya

Session 9: Rendering and Polishing your magazine page
Lighting and Rendering 2D images from Maya
Finalizing page in photoshop and preparing for print

Session 10: Showcase and Present student works
Assemble final magazine in class
Share and showcase work