Project 0: Mastering technique

Create three monochromatic transmission and three monochromatic reflection holograms. Choose/make objects that will create optimal holograms and focus on the technique/lighting setup.

Project 1: Capturing a moment in time

Using both monochromatic transmission and reflection, students will set up still shots of objects they have curated and shoot three holograms. The pieces should work as a triptych.

Project 2: Mixed media

How can holography work with other media? Students are encouraged to use words, performance, digital pieces, etc. to create a work that intertwines holography. These works will make use of full color transmission and/or reflection holograms.

Project 3: Collaboration

Holographic printing allows for quick outsourcing of holograms and full use of 3d modeling and frames. The class will come up with a theme to cover, and each student will contribute a model to a class hologram that will be displayed on the ATS floor.

Project 4: Tell a story

Students will focus on the use of holograms to tell a story. Using either analog or digital means, the final presentation must demonstrate an understanding of holographic techniques and create an optimal viewing environment for the story to unfold.